Ophelia Ophelia has always felt like a ghost ... the ghost of her dead sister, Ophelia.

The death of Ophelia’s sister has always been a mystery. Knowing only that she was born moments after her sister died, the labor induced by her mother’s shock, her mother named her Ophelia as well, convinced she was the incarnation of her dead sister.

Growing up in a funeral home, Ophelia is no stranger to death, and having a somewhat sheltered life, she finds comfort in those who have passed. Nearing her eighteenth birthday, however, she is tired of feeling like a shadow of a person and an echo of her sister’s former self. Determined to find the truth so she can forge her own identity, Ophelia searches for answers to how her sister really died and why her family has tried so hard to cover it up. But as she digs deeper, she unearths a stream of lies that changes everything she’s ever believed about herself, her family, as well as her sister, Ophelia.

Jennifer's new YA Gothic, OPHELIA, is complete at 84,000 words.

Abducted kids become increasingly dangerous as they fight for freedom from unseen captors who subject them to psychological tests, dictate their every move, and erase their memories.

Jennifer's new YA SF/Horror, THE REPLACEMENTS, is a cross between the TV show Lost, Dashner's The Maze Runner, and Golding's The Lord of the Flies.

Teen fugitives on the run: True Romance with a Gone Girl-esque twist and a modern-day (unintentional) Bonnie and Clyde.

Jennifer's new YA Adventure Romance, RUNAWAYS.

The Reaping Backwards thinking & misogyny are just the beginning when Sam starts unearthing unspeakable horrors in her new hometown.

Jennifer's new YA Horror, THE REAPING, is inspired by old-school horror, in particular Levin's The Stepford Wives and King's Children of the Corn.

A haunted lake. Strange deaths. Pleas for help from her dead best friend. Mia may be responsible, insane, or both.

Jennifer's new YA Horror, THE LAST SUMMER AT SHADOW LAKE, is a cross between Pretty Little Liars and The Craft with elements of Gothic horror.

When you’re the target of the sadistic town bully, being the night watchman of a haunted graveyard has its advantages.

Though not a vampire tale, Jennifer's YA Horror, THE LONG WALK HOME, is inspired in part by suspected vampire, Mercy Brown’s grave in Exeter, known locally as Vampire’s Grave, as well as a historic cemetery near Jennifer's home in Warwick. This story will appeal to fans of April Tucholke’s Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea and Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood for its atmosphere and eeriness. It's also a throwback to old-school horror and should interest fans of Stephen King for its elements reminiscent of Carrie and The Shining.

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